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About Me.

I am rolling through this world as a neurodivergent human (a late 30s ADHD diagnosis). That information would have been helpful to know earlier in my life, but here we are. I write and reflect on the hard stuff that life throws at us. My main focus lately is grief and loss.  I am currently living on the traditional territory of the WSÁNEĆ (Saanich), lək̓ʷəŋən (Songhees), Wyomilth (Esquimalt) peoples of the Coast Salish Nation. Victoria, BC. ​Through my writing, reflective writing prompts, articles, grief reflections and book, Love Notes to Grievers, it is a privilege to connect with people traversing through this complex and messy human experience—rooted in love and belonging through the work that I do. ​It brings me to a quote that replays in my mind often, written by Joan Didion, about her husband's sudden death. 

"Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant." 


Grief rocked every inch of my being, all aspects of my life, and every piece of my heart shattered into unchartered territory. ​My life changed in an ordinary instant, and the same for many others. It made me realize that the quest to halt ageing while fixating on happiness and naming our emotions as positive or negative makes us ill-equipped to be with our grief and hold ourselves and others in our darkest moments. That broke my heart all over again. Writing is my way of being with it all. 

Thanks for being here.


Credentials + Qualifications

  • Registered Massage Therapy Diploma from the Okanagan Valley School of Massage Therapy in Vernon, BC. I graduated in 2009, practicing RMT. 

  • ​Roots to Resiliency- Therapeutic Skills and Soulful Approaches to Support Others Through Grief With Shauna Janz. (Currently enrolled)​​​

  • Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I do not offer nutrition coaching anymore; however, the coaching skills I learned have helped me become a better space holder for those looking for guided support. 

Courses + Webinars

  • Responsible Partnership- Lucy May Taylor

  • Practical Communication - Silvy Khoucasian 

  • The Vagus Nerve Webinar - Jessica Maguire 

  • Spring Shield of The Numinous Quest - Carmen Spagnola

  • Foundations of Social Justice - Dr. Tee Williams 

  • Nurturance- The Womb Care Course

  •  Boundaries For Kind People - Randi Buckley

  • Unpack Your Privilege - Sharyn Holmes 

  • Jane is a mindful strength and movement coach, trauma-informed embodied resilience educator- Jane Clapp webinars 

  • The Hormone Cure- Dr. Sara Gottfried

  • Pelvic and Sexual Health Certification - the Integrative Women's Health Institute 


Author of Love Notes to Grievers 

Previous owner and founder of Freedom Flow Tea

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