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Writing Prompt Course 


Many of us have forgotten how to explore our edges. Writing can be a beautiful way of reestablishing that, and it is something that has changed my life. 


The art of writing with prompts taps into our emotions, to get us outside of our heads and into our hearts. When we examine and explore the unexamined, that is where healing happens.

What will we write about? Our inner thoughts, showing up, grief, hang-ups, holding space, desires, anger, ruminations, the masks we wear, etc. 


Who is this for? Anyone: writers, non-writers, never written before - it doesn’t matter.  It is for those who want to explore what’s inside and wanting that to come out. It is for those who feel called for more connection to themselves and others. 

Reading and writing in a community is one of my greatest joys. I want to share that experience with you. 

​The writing prompts will be emailed at a pace that gives you time to digest the daily topics and to explore it through your writing. This isn't a race or another reason to shame yourself for not keeping up. These prompts are for you to do in your own way, on your time or to do alongside others as I lead each day in our private group. 


This is about showing up for yourself in a new way, or if you already have a writing practice, then a re-commitment to write more.


With each prompt you will also receive a playlist from my Spotify, to encourage movement, or stillness day to day, whatever you are feeling; before you write, during or after. 



  • For eight days, you will receive your writing prompts each evening via email. 

  • Free-flow writing is encouraged as you write through the prompts, which means not focusing on grammar or writing style. This writing is for exploration, not perfection. 

  • You will be added to a Facebook group if you want to share your writing with others. 

  • If you want to share with me only, you can reply to the email that contains your writing prompts.

  • I will be reading whatever you want to share and providing encouraging comments.

I am honoured to witness you in community, and in your writing. You will hear from me in your daily prompts and on the private Facebook group.

This writing course does not replace any health care professionals, it is not therapy. Please seek a health care professional if you are needing support in that way. 


Course Date & Cost:

This course is now being offered one and one at any time,

please contact me if this option feels like a better fit for you.

Sliding scale options still apply. 


Next Session:

Next date TBA

Sliding Scale Options:

Making my offers accessible as possible is important to me. That is why I offer four tiers of payment options, the fourth being one on one support. 

* If your PayPal email is different from the email you would like your course information sent, please email aemmamorris@gmail.com with the correct email * 


Writing on Her Journal

Why Write?

"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking,

what I'm looking at,

what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” - Joan Didion 

Option One

Those who want to write but would not be able to join without this option: low income or unpredictable employment, not working, little expendable income $27 with the option to bring a friend and split the cost. 

Option Two 

Those who need to check their finances before signing up to write. Low income with a small amount of expendable income. $37 with the option to bring a friend and split the cost. 

Option Three

Those who can sign up and pay for the course without checking on their finances, mid to high income, secure work, easily make purchases with no issue or stress. $47

Option Four

One on one support and guidance while writing through the writing prompts, specific feedback via email and one zoom or phone  session $137

(Limited spots available

**full for Jan 17th session)

Option One

Option Two 

Option Three

Option Four

White Branch


My experience with this writing course was intense but, immensely helpful and healing! My lightning moment was realizing how much anger (which is really pain) I was carrying, Writing it out over a few days helped to begin the release of it. I would recommend this writing course for anyone who is willing to take a slow, deep dive into places not normally addressed. Having the chance to do inner work on different levels was extraordinary and I appreciate what you do to help facilitate deep dives.


With Gratitude, Rachel