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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Written by Angela E. Morris


In the last two years, a resurgence of beliefs around "ascension" from the spiritual new age world went mainstream and has been on high octane alongside some fascinating conspiracy theories. It's been painful to watch. It's been hard to grasp, but I try to mind my own business these days.

Ascension is loosely defined as how your energy and vibration become higher and your consciousness light as a feather as you start your ascension path. Sounds good, right? And how about going 3D to 5D. The D refers to Spiritual Dimensions, aka spiritual growth. The number before the dimension refers to the level of consciousness you are currently in. According to someone(s) who knows more stuff than me, who is way more spiritual and enlightened, the world has been in 3D, presumably due to human weakness and fear causing our suffering mindset. That's some basic shit which leads to, "it's is all your fault," but Marianne's Ascension class for three thousand dollars will ensure you're on the right track.

If this sparked your interest, it makes sense. There is always a sliver of truth to hook you. Who wouldn't want to be part of a group of people with secret knowledge who "get what is going on" and encourage you to feel sorry for all the lowly unspiritual people in 3D? Leave them behind, they are toxic right? BABY, you are ascending.

The pandemic was a breeding ground for makeshift gurus, mediums supposedly channelling fancy entities to come out of the woodwork. You know, one's like Kyron, Ramatha, and Ballsac ( I made the last one up). The new-age wellness warriors are ready to show you the way to Utopia, and I couldn't find this more exhausting to watch it all unfold because I was busy grieving my father and friend's death.

There is no shame in gripping onto something that feels more soothing and stabilizing than reality. Temporary relief feels like growth. Cults make us believe in living high on the purpose of saving the world, something bigger than us to believe in and with this kind of knowledge and that your people know "THE TRUTH." you are going to be ok. Sound familiar? Every group loves to be the chosen people—the crusader of love and light. I am getting high just thinking about it.

The "5D moving the goal post" claims you are shifting into a higher state of consciousness. This state feels "effortless, blissful, aligned." Claiming you will experience oneness, radical forgiveness, magical love, blissful body highs, manifestations at a rapid rate and good vibes guiding the way.

Hate to be the buzzkill here, you don't need to believe in dimensions or pay someone with pretend secret knowledge to live a decent and good life. These cult dynamics are everywhere.

I went through some lists of the "symptoms of ascension." here are the top recurring themes and spiritual ailments.

Migraines. Headaches. Anxiety. Panic. Vivid dreams. Body aches. Being woken up at night. Memory loss. A sudden wave of emotions. Mental and emotional confusion. Loss of identity. Nausea. An intolerance for lower vibrational things that are in 3D. Impatience. Heightened sensitivity. Loss of interest in the activities you once did. A loss of desire for food or a need to eat frequently. Loss of friends and relationships with people that just don't get it. Days of extreme fatigue. Life plans shift rapidly.

Those listening to people telling them they are becoming more enlightened or part of a particular group that is light and love warriors with the truth; these are all symptoms of grief and significant stress. They are genuine somatic symptoms in response to grief and stress. Faux gurus or teachers claim they and maybe you are experiencing a cosmic reaction to ascension, NOPE.

It's grief, plain and simple and not so glamorous.

Naming things that happen to us universally without providing the appropriate language and nuance is a disservice. It sends people down a long road to nowhere. It's just another way we circumvent the conversations we should be having. The pain we should be processing. The valid grief we are feeling, the sorrow that does send us on a spiritual journey with no need for spiritual bypassing. It leads us to a new and different life, usually not by choice but driven by the innate human resilience within every person.

The physical reactions our bodies go through in grief after the death of a loved one. Loss of certainty. Loss of control. Loss of relationships. Loss of faith in one thing and gripping to another. The health struggles we face after significant life changes and stress. A loss of the life and self that once was or never got to be = GRIEF.

Ascension, 5D, high vibe, DNA restructure lingo, call it whatever you want. This is just another way these spiritual beliefs waste the money and time of those suffering, genuinely seeking, and who need real support.

People are looking for guidance as they grieve, but instead, they slapped a pretty name on it and started love-bombing people to make them feel unique and separate from the natural response to the losses they are facing of any kind. It's manipulative and sad. It's a repackaging of the not-so-great aspects of certain religions, delusional high demand groups with their cult control tactics flexing. A hyper individual smoke screen that offers the idea of relational health and connection but misses the mark repeatedly. That's very on-brand for new age spiritual groups touting superiority, hierarchy and otherness ideals, but it won't get you free. You deserve to grieve, and you deserve to rise.

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