Love Notes To Grievers
Love Notes To Grievers

Love Notes To Grievers

"Love Notes To Grievers" is a collection of notes I wrote to myself during the first year of living with grief. I am sharing them as love notes to other grievers. Wherever you are- be it in initial grief, years later, somewhere in the middle, or decades beyond- this is for you. LNTG's is a mini-book (48 pages) kept small with your tired grieving heart in mind. 


Your grief matters. 

Go at your own pace seven-day exploration with journal writing prompts 
"Write Your Insides" 

Many of us have forgotten how to explore our edges. Writing can be a beautiful way of reestablishing that, and it is something that has changed my life. The art of writing with prompts taps into our emotions, to get us outside of our heads and into our hearts. When we examine and explore the unexamined, that is where healing happens.


What will you write about? Our inner thoughts, showing up, grief, hang-ups, holding space, desires, anger, ruminations, the masks we wear, etc. 


Who is this for? Anyone: writers, non-writers, never written before - it doesn’t matter.  It is for those who want to explore what’s inside and wanting that to come out. It is for those who feel called for more connection to themselves and others. ​This is about showing up for yourself in a new way, or if you already have a writing practice, then a re-commitment to write more. Each prompt comes with two playlists from my Spotify, to encourage movement, or stillness day to day, whatever you are feeling; before you write, during or after. 

Notebook and Pen