A picture is a snapshot of a moment in time, a griever remembers the pain behind their smile or eyes, or a particular photo taken in a moment of joy but still grieving. 


Too often grief is met with discomfort from others or unhelpful platitudes. We don't know grief until it sits in our bones, but by normalizing it in open, real and honest ways, we start to shift the culture around death and grief.


We can show up for each other.

We can share our grief with each other and

with that, find ways to hold space for our grief. 

I am collecting photos that you want to share of you, your loved ones, and your reflections on grief. A call to normalize grief, together. 

Many of us take photos of ourselves; for me, it was a way to remember that this pain is real and life-changing. I wanted proof I was still here, still breathing. I wanted to remember early grief for what it was, the hardest thing I've had to face.  

We all deserve support and access to grief resources that are actually supportive. 

I will be adding a resource page soon.  

Content Warning: Not all people who grieve find comfort in seeing pictures of other grievers.

If this isn't for you at this time or ever that is ok.